E-Design is a quick, simple and affordable way to have your space professionally designed, remotely, without the need for a face to face meeting. Each design is completely individual and created to fit your style, space and budget. Correspondence is via email and Skype.


You email through pictures and measurements of the spaces that you would like designed, as well as a completed design questionnaire. After establishing the direction of the design, we create a detailed design plan which includes the following:

  • PRODUCT BOARD: I understand that one of the toughest challenges in designing your space is visualising how individual pieces in a room will look together. A product board allows you to see how all of the pieces in the scheme work as a whole.
  • FLOOR PLAN: A detailed floor plan, drawn to scale, to show you exactly where each piece on the product board should be placed.
  • SHOPPING LIST: Finally, you will also receive a detailed shopping list tailored to your budget. Clickable links enable you to head straight from the shopping list to the website of the recommended item.

Prices range from £450.00 – £950.00 per room. Click here if you’d like to find out more or begin the e-design process.


Online interior design


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