A trip to Daylesford at any time of the year is lovely but Christmas makes it a little more special. The organic farm boasts cookery courses in their state of the art kitchen, garden workshops for those wanting to become a dab hand at floristry, a luxury spa and their famous farm shop full or organic produce. The whole essence of Daylesford pivots on the drive to be sustainable and this speaks volumes when you visit the farm or eat at their restaurant in nearby Kingham, Gloucestershire. 

Cosy Cotswolds weekend getaway places to visit in the Cotswolds

Organic farm shop Cotwolds

Floristry Christmas in the Cotswolds

Daylesford at Christmas

So if there’s one thing to make this place that bit more special it’s a touch of Christmas magic. I feel there is something about being in the heart of the countryside that lends itself to getting you in the Christmas spirit. Combine this with the amount of care and detail that goes into the Christmas decor into Daylesford, and it makes it hard not to leave with a spring in your step and a car full of Christmas gifts. 

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Whether you’re just visiting for the day or spending the weekend tucked up in one of the pretty cottages, there is plenty to keep the family occupied. There are lots of courses from children’s Christmas crafts to wreath making and also a Christmas grotto with reindeer and Father Christmas himself. Make sure you check the events page for events on the date you are visiting but bare in mind they do fill up pretty quickly! 

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Inspiring the interiors industry

Whether visiting at Christmas or not, Daylesford’s design and aesthetic screams rustic country chic. It has become an icon in the interior industry as a go to reference for creating a Cotswolds country home. The word Daylesford now conjures up images of relaxed British style and country cosiness making it a real symbol of what is today a very sought after look in the design industry. Emma Sims Hilditch, (founder of Sims Hilditch and Neptune) is a perfect example of the popularity of Cotswold country interiors. Her designs are renowned for their uncomplicated elegance. Her work is showcased in a whole host of publications from Vogue to Country Life magazine and we are huge fans here at LGI. 

Cotswolds organic farm shop

I myself live in a cottage tucked away in a quaint Cotswolds village. I think I was drawn to this place by the simplicity and tranquility of life out here in the countryside, I love walking out of my front door and looking over the Cotswold hills. I’ve actually curated a Cotswold Style Pinterest board with a range of inspiring images of this area and the rustic chic aesthetic it is now synonymous with. 

Cotswolds farm shop and spa

Cotswolds home interiors

Snow in the Cotswolds

Christmas inspiration for the home

More Cotswolds inspiration…

If you’re planning a trip to this part of the country then our blog post featuring our top places to visit in the Cotswolds is for you. We might be a bit biased but we think its rather fantastic. I would love to hear your favourite places to visit to get in the Christmas spirit so please comment below. Also if you do take a trip to Daylesford let us know what you thought! 




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