Our process begins with a chat. In the call we’ll have a brief chat about your project and what you hope to accomplish. If we feel like we are good fit, we can arrange an on-site design consultation. This is a meeting where we determine your design needs, budget, how you will use your space and learn about your personal style. Following this, we’ll be able to submit a formal project proposal for you to review.

How do we begin a project together?

We focus on delivering design in the shape of moments. Born out of a need of high end design that also feels soulful, we bring our experience in connecting with clients together with inspired finishes, unique materials, and intuitive design. We understand high-end houses still have a heart, and it’s our privilege and passion to design dream homes that showcase not just style but a true sense of soul.

How would you describe your design aesthetic?

Yes! We have unique relationships with the top tradesmen and suppliers across the UK and are proud to work with each of them on a regular basis. You’re in safe hands.

Do you work with other trade professionals?

Projects vary dramatically, depending on the scope and size of the project, but a typical range is anywhere from 3 months, up to a year or more for our largest projects.

How long does the design process typically take?

This is what we pride ourselves on. We take care to understand our clients lifestyle and needs as well as digging deeper to understand what inspires them and what feeling they want from their space. Our process ensures that we listen every step of the way so that when we present the final design, it truly feels like home.

Will the result still feel like my style? 

As soon as possible. We will add benefit from the very start of a project. The sooner we can get designing the better. We will design for how you will use the finished space, how you will live. This means that we sometimes move walls, re-jig plumbing and electrical layouts etc and therefore it is best that we plan for where you will drink your morning coffee before the foundations are in.

When should we get you involved?

No, you don’t have to but you will probably want to. We take care of all of the admin - the ordering, deliveries, checking in the items to make sure that they are correct and that they haven’t been damaged in transit. We then store everything in an insured unit ready to be installed in one smooth installation. As well as this, we share the benefits of our trade discounts with our clients, splitting the discount with them so that you will benefit not only from the service, but from lower costs too.

Do I have to purchase through you?

Absolutely, we often do this. We are happy to work with your existing team.

Will you work with My contractor/architect/builder?

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