Bathroom Lighting: How To Create A Beautiful Ambience In Your Bathroom

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Bathroom lighting is so important, not just for getting ready in the morning, but it completely alters the soul of your space and allows you to dramatically enhance your daily routine and enjoyment.

In this post, we’re discussing the four types of lighting we look to incorporate into every bathroom we design.

Good ambient lighting creates a beautiful, indulgent atmosphere when you’re soaking in the tub, and I encourage you to employ decorative lighting to give your bathroom soul, just as you would in your living room or bedroom.

Large bathroom mirror with brass wall light either side.
Pooky Lighting

Overhead Lighting.

Overhead lighting can be achieved with a flush-mount fixture or recessed lights. Regardless of how you go about your overhead lighting, just ensure that it is sufficient for your space, meaning there are no areas in your bathroom that are lacking insufficient light. We had a recent project here in the Cotswolds where the master bathroom had numerous pockets of darkness, which we rectified with a layer of overhead lighting, then supplemented with gorgeous wall lights and some irresistible Ginori candles.

Bonus Tip: Remember to have everything on dimmers, so you can adjust the light to your needs, depending on the time of day and mood you’re looking to achieve.

circular bathroom mirror with wall light either side, above yellow wood panelling.
Pooky Lighting

Task Lighting.

Placing task lighting to the sides of your mirror is essential for having great lighting while you get ready for your day. In smaller bathrooms, we sometimes rely on lighting directly above the mirror but try to place them on either side if you can to achieve an even more flattering light. Either way, task lighting is crucial for every bathroom. Wall lamps add to the soothing atmosphere and that can often be tricky to achieve with overhead lighting.

brass wall fixture on grey wall
Pooky Lighting

Shower Lighting.

Don’t forget about your shower! If you don’t have a window or ample natural light flooding into your shower space, then IP-rated recessed lights will transform your shower from feeling gloomy and claustrophobic to warm and indulgent.

frosted glass bathroom wall fixture
Pooky Lighting

Statement Lighting

If you’re looking for a cherry-on-top statement piece for your bathroom, consider incorporating a statement fixture. Installing a chandelier or flush-mounted fixture directly above your tub will achieve the desired result, but be sure to check with your electrician that it’s within code. If you don’t have a bathtub, you can still centre a pendant in your space or mount a wall light directly above the mirror…there are a plethora of options, so enjoy the creative process!

wall light on green tiled wall
Pooky Lighting

Natural Light.

Finally, and importantly, we have natural light. We love placing windows behind the tub to allow the light to bounce off the mirror, but we will also add them in showers and smaller bathrooms wherever possible.

If you have a window in your space, take full advantage of it! Oftentimes we see homes with heavy window treatments and the first thing we do is swap them out for lighter fabrics to let the light pour into the room.

When pondering window treatments for your space, opt for pieces like roman shades that you can retract, rather than frosted glass or shutters to make the most of that wonderful natural light.

luxurious bath in front of window looking into countryside
Our Cotswold Farmhouse Project

For more information about bathroom lighting, check out this fantastic post from our friends at Pooky Lighting

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