My Pinterest is testament to my appreciation of beautifully designed barn conversions. I think living in the Cotswolds only fuels this obsession as there are so many renovated barns on our doorstep. So today I have put together my top list of barn conversion tips including where I look to for inspiration. We are actually […]

It’s that time of year again when it’s time to tackle the spring cleaning. I think everyone has those times when they fall out of love a bit with their homes, things feel a bit stagnant and un-loved. We can become obsessed with needing to change everything – the colour scheme, the furniture, the curtains. […]

Whether you’re planning a complete kitchen overhaul or just a refresh, colourful kitchens are a big deal. The chances are that you won’t get many opportunities to install a new kitchen. So when making design decisions you want something that will stand the test of time. The danger here is that we shy away from […]

Before the Christmas decorations came out in full force you were, quite possibly, feeling content with your home. Fast forward to January 7th and low and behold your house feels empty, bare and lifeless. We can hardly be surprised when (if you are like me) as December creeps along the house gradually becomes full of […]

7 Steps To Style Your Kitchen  Kitchen worktops are one of the most difficult spaces to style. So often now the kitchen is the hub of the home and with this come endless amounts of charging cables, bills, paperwork and homework files. Not to mention kitchen appliances, utensils and cookbooks…. SLOAN! magazine asked me for my […]

Here are some tips for how to style a coffee table, creating a visual treat for the centrepiece of your seating area.  Your coffee table needs some love! Don’t just use it as a dumping ground, style your coffee table as you would a bookshelf and you will have a wonderful talking point and something […]

LAYOUTS: RECTANGULAR SITTING ROOMS Last week I met with a client who has a long, rectangular sitting room that she doesn’t know what to do with. This is not the first time that I’ve been asked to help a client with a room like this. So often these long rooms have multiple entrances, fireplaces and […]

For some, designing a bathroom can be quite overwhelming. It is often one of the rooms in the house that get slightly left behind in terms of personality and interest. When I am designing a bathroom I love to mix in unexpected pieces to add character, texture and warmth. I enjoy searching for rustic, vintage […]

Isn’t this weather miserable!? Where did the summer go? I’m staying dry today in the studio working on a couple of new projects but I thought I’d share this quick tip with you. If you have a small or narrow bedroom, it can be tricky to fit bedside tables in without it looking cramped. One […]

5 QUESTIONS YOU SHOULD ASK YOUR INTERIOR DESIGNER Interior designers are not all the same. Many have different ways of working and it is essential that the designer you ask to take on your project ticks a number of boxes that are right for you. As well as being creative and imaginative (of course) it is […]