I am constantly searching for new inspiration here at LGI whether through magazines, interior design books or online on Pinterest or Instagram. An essential source of inspiration for me personally is global design trends and looking outside of what we see in the stores in the UK. We have some incredible UK designers who have changed […]

I have a huge passion for hand printed fabrics having studied it at Winchester School of Art during my degree. I loved the process of it, from the initial drawings, transferring them to the screens and mixing colours and then the slow, careful repetition of printing. There is something so wonderful about transferring a drawing […]

The period between the 1930’s to the 1970’s saw rise to one of the most iconic interior trends, Mid-Century Modern. It changed the face of architecture and design and has left a lasting impression all over the world today. Heavily influenced by Brazilian and Scandinavian architects, this era was defined by it’s inclusion of nature, […]

Encaustic tiles are a great way to inject some colour and pattern into your scheme and we just can’t get enough of them. There are a lot in the market at the moment, so save yourself some time and take a look at the roundup below for our picks of the best! | 1 | The […]

FOCUS ON: HELEN AMY MURRAY Texture really is so important in interior design and I can’t think of a more beautiful way to add some to a room than with a bespoke piece by the supremely talented, Helen Amy Murray. Helen creates beautiful, bespoke works of art for the luxury interior design industry. Her passion for […]

Agate Interior Accessories Having always been a fan of using natural materials in interiors, I have noticed the trend for agate interior accessories slowly creep into fashion in the past couple of years. Agate is a natural, ornamental stone that is made up of layers of quartz and comes in a huge variety of colours. […]

IN THE SPOTLIGHT – MCLEAN QUINLAN ARCHITECTS I discovered McLean Quinlan architects last year, whilst looking for inspiration for the design of a barn conversion in The Cotswolds. I thought I would take some time this morning to share their stunning, light filled work with you all. Although I’m generally a big fan of period properties […]

GOING UP! LOFT CONVERSIONS Following the news today of George Osborne’s intent to allow London residents to be free to build extra storeys on to their properties without the requirement for local council planning approval, I thought I would take a look at some great examples of loft conversions. Find more information on the proposals on The […]

FOCUS ON: SURFACE VIEW WALL MURALS One of my favourite parts of my job is to make a space completely unique and unexpected. I absolutely love when people walk into an interior I have worked on and start to smile – it’s the best feeling as a designer! One of the suppliers that I love to […]

I was first introduced to the work of Kit Kemp whilst working for Ashton House Design. I just love her playful, colour filled designs. I think great design should intrigue you and make you smile and Kit Kemp’s interiors do just that for me. Kit Kemp is co-founder and design director of the boutique hotel brand, […]