It’s that time of year again when it’s time to tackle the spring cleaning. I think everyone has those times when they fall out of love a bit with their homes, things feel a bit stagnant and un-loved. We can become obsessed with needing to change everything – the colour scheme, the furniture, the curtains. […]

If you live in or around Cheltenham, this time of year will always be associated with the bustling liveliness of Cheltenham Races. We have had lots of clients who love their horses and it got us thinking about how you could bring an equestrian theme into your home. This can take form as a decorative accessory, […]

7 Steps To Style Your Kitchen  Kitchen worktops are one of the most difficult spaces to style. So often now the kitchen is the hub of the home and with this come endless amounts of charging cables, bills, paperwork and homework files. Not to mention kitchen appliances, utensils and cookbooks…. SLOAN! magazine asked me for my […]

 || LGI CHRISTMAS STYLING GUIDE || As most of the country is in full Christmas decorating fever this weekend, I wanted to share a roundup of my favourite Christmas styling tips and decorations that I’ve found this year – in three different styles – Nordic, Children’s and Traditional. I am a huge fan of going all-out […]

OUTDOOR STYLING – BRING THE INDOORS OUT Now, I’m going to stick my neck out there and say that summer has arrived. The time has come to move outside, dust off the BBQ, feel the sun on your skin and enjoy a delicious G&T in the garden. Although only relatively short, we really do try […]

FRENCH CONNECTION HOME I am always on the lookout for stylish, affordable furniture and accessories – whether its for a tailored shopping list for one of my e-design clients, or to mix in with some beautiful bespoke pieces as part of a large project. French Connection Home have a great selection of lighting, accessories and furniture and their modern […]