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One of my favourite parts of my job is to make a space completely unique and unexpected. I absolutely love when people walk into an interior I have worked on and start to smile – it’s the best feeling as a designer!

One of the suppliers that I love to use is Surface View. They are a digital printing company that curate and remaster imagery and turn it into stunning, bespoke wall murals that transform interiors. Their website is a treasure trove of imagery, from the technicolour glamour of 60s magazine stills at the V&A collection to impressive landscapes, close up images of bugs and beasties (strangely beautiful!) and a whole host of various other imagery. A playground for design lovers – you can truly let your imagination run wild!

Surface View Wall Mural Floral


As well as their vast collection of photographs, they will happily print your own images and in terms of size – the sky really is the limit! I have tested this myself, after co-designing a bespoke wall mural to span 25 metres across a swimming pool. I created the image on Photoshop, as we wanted to merge various different images to create a scene that would work with the structure of the building. The idea was that the people in the image would be life size and standing at different points around the swimming pool, from the mezzanine level, to the ground floor by the water. I particularly like the lady in red on the upper level.

Bespoke Wall Mural Spa Hotel

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As well as wall murals, Surface View can also print designs onto tiles, cushions, lampshades, window films and wall hangings. Here are a few of my current favourites from the collection:

Surface View

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If you’d like any advice or assistance on incorporating something like this into your interior, get in touch here!

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