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Here are some tips for how to style a coffee table, creating a visual treat for the centrepiece of your seating area. 

Your coffee table needs some love! Don’t just use it as a dumping ground, style your coffee table as you would a bookshelf and you will have a wonderful talking point and something interesting to entertain your guests as you are fiddling about in the kitchen. 

1. Create differing heights.  Its the same with styling a coffee table as it is with designing the rest of the room – different heights lead the eye around and create interest. Try adding candlesticks, a vase of flowers or a hurricane lamp off centre to achieve this.

2. Books, Books, Books. You’ve seen it everywhere and you may have one or two books on your table already. Add more! Stack them up in a couple of piles and then add……..

3. Something quirky. Add something a little bit odd, a talking point, on-top of your stack of books to break up the straight lines. A piece of faux coral works well (Zara do a great one here) but anything sculptural would look great.

4. Something green. When styling a project, it never looks finished until we’ve added something green. Plants and flowers add another dimension to a room and adding a touch to your coffee table will finish it off nicely. Don’t forget the amazing array of artificial plants and flowers that are around now (Abigail Ahern’s are great) if you can’t bear the thought of remembering to water it!

5. Be odd. Odd looks better. Why? Its because it leads your eye around the grouping and is therefore more effective at capturing your gaze. A trio of bowls of differing sizes can look great on a coffee table.

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  1. Tonee says:

    This is adorable! Thank you for this post! I got a bunch of great ideas on what to do with my coffee table 🙂

    • Lauren says:

      Hi Tonee, thanks for your comment! Good luck with your own coffee table. Stop by on my facebook page and send a photo when you’re done if you like, would love to see how you get on! Lx

  2. Sun says:

    Im trying to get my boyfriend to let me design his apartment love the ideas and your point of view im so gonna try to convince him!!

    Loves from Sun &

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