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Colour Stories

I love making mood boards. Throughout the entire design process it is possibly my most favourite part (joint first with plumping the final cushion). For this reason, I’ve decided to share a red and pink interior scheme mood board with you to show you that these colours can work really well together. 

Pink & Red

Pink & Red. A colour combination that somewhere, in the back of my mind, people have said to me should not work, be it in fashion or interiors. I beg to differ! If you combine these colours with confidence and follow a few simple tips, then you won’t end up with a room that looks like a valentines card, I promise.

This is a scheme that does need confidence but if you can pull it off, it works so well. Red and pinks are inviting, welcoming, cosy colours. If you are drawn to colours on the warmer side of the colour wheel but you want to create a bold, modern scheme, then perhaps this duo may well be something to consider. 

Why it works

I’ve picked some interiors below which demonstrate just how cool this colour combination can be. There is a secret to why these schemes all work so incredibly well. The designers have added doses of black and/or white into the scheme to keep them from looking too sickly sweet. Take a look through and let me know what you think in the comments section below – would you be daring enough? 

Red and pink interiors gloucestershire


Red and pink interiors cotswolds


Red and pink interiors cheltenham


Red and pink interiors cotswolds

Image credits from top to bottom: Pierre Yovanovitch | No. 197 Chiswick Firestation | Miles Redd | Architectural Digest 


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