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Cotswold Dream Homes

We drive past some pretty extraordinary houses when out and about in the Cotswolds and I have a tendency to drive just a…little…bit… slower past some of the houses we see. Although we have lived here before, I think spending some time away has re-ignited my passion for this place and its beautiful houses nestled amongst the rolling hills. Not to mention the rows of regency townhouses in Cheltenham! 

My Mum was visiting the Cotswolds yesterday and we sat down and poured over the local estate agent websites playing ‘Dream House’. We do this a lot when we are together and as we sit and look at the different houses we discuss what we would do with them if they were ours. We both have a long list of deal breakers when choosing but mine includes: high ceilings, a huge en-suite bathroom, a studio space and a garden with a breathtaking view.

I thought I would put a few of our best picks from the local area on my blog. What do you think? Let me know in the comments below which one you’d go for. Oh, but hands off the regency one – that’s mine!

This renovated house is for sale with Knight Frank and is just down the road from us. I just adore the studio space that they have added – it would be a perfect studio space for me as its filled with light and the wood burner would be lovely in the winter.

Interior Designer Cheltenham

Cheltenham Interiors

Now this one is incredibly special and *possibly* too big for a family of three but, don’t forget, we are in Dream House world and anything goes. A Grade II listed manor house with its origins in the 15th century. I love the more ancient parts of the property and the grounds are simply stunning. My favourite room in the house is the kitchen – just look at the height of the ceiling and those amazing windows! The rest of the property is currently a bit too dark for me and I’m sure traditionalists would hate what I’d do to all of the beams (paint them out or lime them) but it is definitely worth a look as it is a fabulous place.

Cotswolds Manor Interiors

Cotswolds Manor Interiors

This is my personal favourite as I have always loved regency houses as they are flooded with light, have beautiful tall windows and the room proportions are great. With this style of property you really don’t get constrained by much – so much works and you can get away with a riot of colour, contemporary or traditional styles and the furniture planning is a breeze! There is a reason that so many suppliers hold their photoshoots in these properties. This one is in a great area – just a short walk from Montpellier and the Suffolks. We used to live in this area and spent a lot of Saturdays wandering around the shops and stopping for coffee every now and then. Oh, and have you seen the swimming pool?

Cheltenham Town House Design 1

Cheltenham Town House Design

Cheltenham Town House Design

Cheltenham Town House Design

  1. Now I’m feeling just a little less content with my world. Like you say houses to dream about but maybe just a tad too big for a weekend bolt hole.

  2. OMG Lauren – they are all so beautiful – thank you for sharing.

    My fave is the same as your personal favourite and that pool is amazing. From the outside it reminds me of something from a Jane Austen book but inside its so modern, light and airy – I would love to live in any of those houses. Now off to find my vision board…

  3. Darrin Salt says:

    Oh yes – these are really nice houses – we all love to dream but maybe we should turn some of those into aspirations and then goals,

    In the meantime, I think about my own home’s projects and the design – courtesy of you Lauren!

  4. Carol Hanson says:


    They are beautiful and in the Cotswold stone they look fantastic!

    I too love drooling and dreaming over estate agents offerings!

    But then I come back to our house which we’ve lived in for many years and made our home through improvements and our style.

    Although I’d happily swap some things about it for a different house, our home is so full of happy memories that to me that means so much more than anything else.

    But it doesn’t stop me dreaming!!

    • Lauren says:

      Hi Carol

      I know, the stone here is just stunning. I think you are most definitely right though – a house is only a home once you have filled it with the people (and pets!) you love and are surrounded by the pieces you have collected over the years.

      Lauren x

  5. Oooh thanks for the excuse to day-dream Lauren. I’ll take the one with the pool please 🙂

  6. Sasi says:

    So many to choose from Lauren and thanks for the opportunity to day dream for a while! I agree regency homes are so beautiful !! Love anything with plenty of light and clear lines !!

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