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So a few of you may have noticed that I’ve been quiet lately. There’s a good reason for that. A major life change type of reason!

A few weeks ago we packed our home in Rickmansworth, packed our boxes, furniture  – and Darcie our sprocker spaniel – and went and moved to the Cotswolds. Just outside the beautiful spa town of Cheltenham to be exact.

Why the sudden move? Well it started with events totally out of our control and my heart sank at first –  we felt very at home and moving is never fun is it? But in the end it’s worked out for the best.

Faced with the prospect of moving twice – once if we decided to stay near London until we were ready to leave and then again when we eventually made the move back west. We knew we would probably never be 100 percent certain we were ready to leave, so we decided to just get it over and done with and halve the moving pain!

So here we are unpacking our boxes, setting up a new home – plenty to keep me busy! Pop over to my Instagram to see how the new place is shaping up..

While I am excited about starting a new adventure in the countryside, leaving Hertfordshire has been very sad for me, I felt really torn because so much has happened for me here. It’s where I started this adventure that is LG Interiors, so it’s been quite a wrench to leave and to say goodbye to the lovely clients who helped me get my business off the ground.  

I’m truly grateful to have had the privilege of working with some wonderful people – people who invited me into their amazing homes. If you are one them, then thank you, your support has meant the world to me.

Interior Designer Cheltenham

I made a wonderful start to my business life in Hertfordshire, and I’m excited about continuing the adventure in Cheltenham. I’ve lived and worked in the Cotswolds before so it’s not a totally new start, plus it’s greener, it’s quieter and the kind of place I can easily imagine settling in for the long-term.

So there you have it. A change is as good as a rest as they say, and I certainly feel excited by the challenge ahead while I work to establish what I’ve begun in a new area.

Interior Design in Cheltenham

However as the title of this post says, this is farewell not goodbye. If you’re not in the Cotswolds area but you’d still like to use my design services, don’t forget I have an e-design service. The wonders of the internet mean I’m only ever a Skype call away! Not only that but I have a number of ongoing projects in the area – as well as in Devon and central London – so I’ll be a frequent visitor to the area. I will happily travel back to design for you and then work alongside the local project management team who I partner with for larger projects. 



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